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Librestream Is Free While It Lasts

Librestream announced today that it will provide its remote expert assistance system, Onsight, to companies whose travel has been impacted by COVID-19. Onsight supports deskless workers who need to collaborate securely across from the field, including bandwidth starved places like offshore oil rigs. Librestream, a private company founded in 2003, counts among its clients Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Volvo, P&G, Airbus, and United Technologies.

A wide range of XR technologies are turning field workers like this into knowledge worker. Librestream

“The sudden onset of this pandemic means managers haven’t had time to prepare for the new reality we are facing with the novel coronavirus,” said John Bishop, president and chief executive officer of Librestream in a statement. “Many are scrambling to find safe, cost effective ways to ensure business continuity. Onsight is already helping hundreds of companies overcome distance barriers and keep workers safe. With this free program, we can extend the same opportunity to any organization.”

Onsight at work. Librestream

Use cases for Onsite range from remote inspections to telemedicine consults. Onsight Connect remote expert software runs on smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, wearables and computers for a consistent, flexible and secure experience in the field. Librestream’s VP of Marketing, Marieke Wijtkamp, told Forbes the use of the Onsight software by existing Librestream customers has multiplied over seven times in the last month as businesses adjust to travel and other restrictions.

Volvo deployed Librestream to enhance after-market tech support and allow technicians in different regions to share information in real-time.

“Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic further validate the value and potential of remote, collaborative solutions,” said Tuong H. Nguyen, Sr. Principal Analyst, Gartner. “These solutions augment worker capabilities by bringing the problem to the experts in a cost effective and efficient way.”

Librestream’s Onsight Connect remote expert package includes pre-configured Onsight Connect remote expert software and materials to get up and running within 24 hours. There is no commitment to purchase of any kind. To initiate the qualification, organizations must fill out their information online and agree to provide feedback.

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