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Streem Wins 2019 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards For Remote Troubleshooting With Mobile AR and AI

Streem, the Oregon-based mobile customer service technology provider based on remote assistance and AI, has been selected by Frost & Sullivan for their prestigious 2019 Best Practices Award. Frost & Sullivan is a 50-year-old consultancy headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in forty countries around the world. Their services fall into the following three broad categories: market research, including industry analysis; business consulting; and events, including seminars, workshops, and conferences. The company issues industry awards based on research using their proprietary methodology.

AR Router Setup with Streem. STREEM

“Founded in 2017 by Ryan Fink and Sean Adkinson, Oregon-based Streem Inc. has developed an enhanced real-time communication solution by converting the existing camera in a mobile device into an intelligent camera,” begins the thirty-page report on how Streem works. “The Streem platform is powered by advanced technologies, such as AR, computer vision, machine learning, object recognition, and spatial mapping, for remotely capturing real-time information and communicating with the service provider or home services expert. This innovative platform addresses the aforementioned challenges faced by the home services industry. For example, Streem’s AI-based solution enables providers in the home services industry or in other customer support industries to diagnose problems more effectively and to gather any necessary equipment or tools before physically arriving at the premises.”

Ryan Fink (no relation to our reporter), the company’s co-founder and CEO, described the company’s use of AI this way, “we’re looking for, and recognizing, patterns during streem calls to begin to understand issues with physical products and how they’re being resolved (e.g. we see the same issue hundreds of times with an appliance and we can begin to recognize that issue through the camera, alert the expert while the call is connecting, and pull up relevant information on how similar issues were resolved and/or warranty info, etc).”

“Eventually our goal is to be able to identify context through the camera (because we’ve seen it so many times) and serve up the potential resolution through AR, prior to needing to connect to a human expert. If a customer still needs to connect to an expert, they can easily through our AI video call. We capture very rich data (spatial meshing, images, AR data, OCR, and audio data) to provide immediate ROI to remote experts (e.g. remote measurements), but also to help train our platform with richer data than ever captured before.”

Frost & Sullivan’s report, which can be accessed here, singled out Streem’s industry impact, the scalability of its AI-enhanced platform, future business impact, and the diversity of business options as the key metrics in the selection of Streem for this award.

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