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    Charlie Fink writes about VR, AR and New Media for Forbes. He is the former Disney, AOL, and AG Interactive executive who famously came up with the idea for The Lion King. In the 90s, Fink was EVP & COO of VR pioneer Virtual World Entertainment. He is now a consultant and frequent speaker on the topic at conferences like CES, SXSW, AWE, ARinAction, VR Toronto (keynote), VR Voice Entertainment Summit (keynote), VIFF, Digital Hollywood, and "On The Lot" by VRS (keynote).


    In addition to his column in Forbes, Fink is the contributing editor of VR Voice, and a regular contributor to HuffPost, Virtual Realty Pop, and VR Focus. He is the author of "Charlie Fink's Metaverse", a continuously updated AR-enhanced guide to AR, VR and the future of personal computing to be released by Cool Blue Press on January 8, 2018.

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    Founder/CEO, Charlie Company, LLC: A digital marketing agency specializing in integrated lifestyle marketing campaigns for global brands, startups, and non-profits leveraging SEM, SEO, social, apps, content creation, viral, guerrilla and experiential channels; created & launched "The Other 98%" which now has 5M Facebook followers (for client Moveon.org).


    President, American Greetings Interactive: drove transformation of e-card category from free to paid through aggressive consolidation strategy, scaling the first successful freemium model on the web to 4M+ paying monthly subscribers


    Founder/CEO, eAgents: Founded venture-backed e-news publisher, subsequently sold to American Greetings Interactive


    SVP, Chief Creative Officer, AOL Studios: Created some of the most successful web brands of the early Internet, including Motley Fool, Love@AOL (sold to Match.com), Real Fans Sports Network (sold to ESPN), Electra (sold to Oxygen Media), and others


    Chief Operating Officer, Virtual World Entertainment (Disney-owned VR pioneer): Developed Battletech Universe, the first VR cockpit simulator, opening and operating 12+ gaming venues, subsequently sold to Microsoft


    VP, Creative Development and Production, Walt Disney Pictures: Originated concept and supervised development of “Lion King” as well as many other major motion pictures from Disney Animation’s second “Golden Age” including “Aladdin” & “Beauty and the Beast”


    Producer of over 30 award-winning off-Broadway shows, festival productions, and documentary features


    Chairman, New York Musical Festival: Best known as incubator of Broadway hits “Next to Normal” & “Title of Show”

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    Charlie Fink is a VR and tech consultant, and former Disney, AOL, and AG Interactive executive. In the ‘90s, Fink was EVP & COO of VR pioneer Virtual World Entertainment and is now a frequent speaker at conferences like CES, AWE, ARinAction, VR Toronto and Digital Hollywood. Fink is a regular contributor to Forbes, HuffPost, and VR Voice, where he writes about AR, VR, and New Media. He is the author of Charlie Fink's Metaverse, a continuously updated AR-enhanced guide to VR & AR to be released by Cool Blue Press on January 9, 2018.


    Over the past thirty years working as an award-winning writer, executive, and producer, Charlie Fink has created and launched new media brands for Disney, AOL, and American Greetings. He is best known for coming up with the original idea for Disney's "Lion King" (Bambi in Africa). In addition to his work on the second golden age at Disney animation (‘85-’92), Fink was EVP & COO of Virtual World Entertainment, a pioneering VR startup the used flight simulation technology to network players together in virtual reality. The company later sold to Microsoft. In January, 1996, Fink joined AOL as the SVP & Chief Creative Officer of AOL Studios (‘95-’99).


    Fink left AOL in mid-1999 to start a venture-backed personalized e-news service, eAgents, that was acquired by American Greetings Interactive (AGI) just twelve months after it was created. Fink served as President and Chief Creative Officer of AGI for three years, and its Chairman for several years thereafter. During his tenure, AGI built a 20M advertising business with offices around the country and acquired its two biggest competitors, Blue Mountain, and eGreetings, enabling it to take the category from "free" to "fee". AGI has over 6 M subscribers and is the most profitable unit of American Greetings. In 2005 Fink created Charlie Company, an SEO/SEM affiliate marketer, and consultancy that was sold in a private transaction in 2014. For client Moveon.org, Charlie created "The Other 98%" which has 5.4 M followers on Facebook.


    Charlie Fink is also a producer of live theater in New York City. Over the past fifteen years, as Producing Artistic Director of The New Musical Foundation, Fink has produced over 30 readings, workshops, and off-Broadway productions, which have won over ten awards. His critically acclaimed off-Broadway musical comedy, "Baghdaddy", which the NY Times called "an important, cunning, rock-solid musical comedy," closed in July 2017. Fink is Chairman emeritus of the Drama Desk Award-winning NY Musical Festival. His next show will have something to do with VR or AR.

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